Overseas Tax Services

US Income Tax Preparation for Americans Living Abroad

Tax Season Deadlines

If you…  OTS wants your documentation by… IRS Filing Deadline
Live in the US March 1

April 15 (or following business day if holiday or weekend)

Live overseas and expect to have significant tax due March 1 recommended June 15
but interest charged on tax not paid by April 18
Need to file an FBAR to report foreign accounts With the rest of your tax documentation April 18
but with an automatic extension to October 17.
Live overseas Early May June 15
Need more time  Notify OTS as early as possible October 15

(or following business day if holiday or weekend)

Extension must be filed by April 18 if you’re in the US or June 15 if you’re overseas.


  1. Once you have uploaded your questionnaire and all documentation, you MUST email us to let us know you are ready! We won’t know unless you tell us.
  2. If your file isn’t complete by March 20 (US filers) or May 20 (overseas filers), we will most likely need to put you on an extension and prepare the return over the summer.
  3. We do not file an extension for you unless you have been in touch with us prior to the deadline.
  4. FBAR extensions: Extensions are automatic with no request needed.