Overseas Tax Services

US Income Tax Preparation for Americans Living Abroad

Price List – Filing Season 2023

Prices effective January 1, 2024.

Basic singles’ package

One 2021 Form 1040 (including Schedules 1-3, as needed)
Schedule B (Interest and Ordinary Dividends)
One Form 2555 (Foreign Earned Income)
Cost: $375

Basic couples’ package

One 2021 Form 1040 (including Schedules 1-3, as needed)
Schedule B (Interest and Ordinary Dividends)
Two Forms 2555 (Foreign Earned Income)
Cost: $415

State returns

Cost: Generally $100 — $175 per state, depending on state and tax situation. (May be higher if your state differs significantly from federal tax law.)

Price List

For other forms and schedules, check the price list at the bottom of this page.

Special Offers and Notices


Paid the wrong amount of tax previously because you or your previous preparer made a mistake? OTS will amend prior year returns and make all necessary corrections for you. Generally priced starting at $325, depending on the complexity of the changes necessary.

Printed Returns

OTS will normally provide your completed, signed return as a PDF computer file. If you prefer to receive a printed copy, we can print and courier it to you. There is a $55 printing fee for this service, plus courier charges. For reasons of security and efficiency, we will not send materials through the international mail.

Additional Options

See the Price List below for rates on additional forms. Note that some of these forms are obsolete as of the 2018 tax year, but could be needed for prior-year returns.

Payment can be made by US check or online via credit card or bank transfer.

Price List

Form/Schedule DescriptionPrice (each)
Form 1040/Sch. 1-3Individual income tax return$300
Schedule AItemized deductionsFrom $75
Schedule BInterest and ordinary dividendsFrom $30
Schedule CProfit/Loss from businessFrom $125
Schedule C-EZNet profit from business$85
Schedule D/ Form 8949Capital gains and lossesFrom $50
Schedule E/Form 8582Supplemental income and loss/Passive Activity Loss (Rental property)From $150
Schedule EICEarned income credit$25
Schedule SESelf-employment taxFrom $15
Schedule ESQuarterly estimated tax calculation$125
1116/1116 AMTForeign tax creditFrom $135
2441Credit for child and dependent care expenses$55
4797Sales of business propertyFrom $150
5329Additional taxes on qualified plans (including IRAs) and other tax-favored accounts$80
5695Residential Energy Credits$50
6251Alternative minimum taxFrom $70
8283Noncash charitable contributions$50
8582Passive activity loss$70
8606Nondeductible IRAs$85
8615Tax for children under age 18 with investment income$100
8621PFIC ReportingFrom $75
Schedule 8812Additional child tax credit$25
8814Parents’ election to report child’s interest/dividends$70
8829Expenses for business use of your homeFrom $100
8839Qualified adoption expensesFrom $100
8863Education credits$60
8889Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)$65
8917Tuition and fees deduction$60
8938Statement of specified foreign financial assetsFrom $150
8960Net Investment Income TaxFrom $40
8962Premium Tax Credit$75
8965Health Coverage ExemptionsFrom $30
8995Qualified Business Income Deduction – Simplified CalculationFrom $50
8995-AQualified Business Income DeductionFrom $75
FBAR (FinCEN 114)Report of foreign bank and financial accounts (accts with aggregate value over $10,000)From $75
1099-MISC/NECMiscellaneous income (issuance to contractors)$75
W-4Employee’s Withholding Allowance CertificateFrom $35
2350/4868Applications for extensions to file$55 ($75 if rush)
 Printing fee (if you wish paper copies of your returns, rather than PDF computer files)$55 plus courier charges
 Research fee (for unusual or specific issues requiring consultation with our professional research service)$100/hour
 Consulting time (Responses to IRS correspondence, “what if” scenarios, etc., beyond a
straightforward, one-shot answer.)
 Processing fee (for very disorganized documentation, excessive requests for information
(either from you, or from me if I have to send you multiple requests for the same information), etc.)
 Early-bird discount (file complete by March 1)10% off
 Rush fee (file complete less than 3 weeks before return is due)10% – 30% added

OTS reserves the right to adjust these prices in individual situations.

There is a 10% discount if your questionnaire and all supporting paperwork are submitted by March 1st.