Overseas Tax Services

US Income Tax Preparation for Americans Living Abroad

What our clients say…

“This was the best tax prep service I ever had — bar none.”

B.M. School Director, Kuwait

“In 15 years of trying different tax preparers to handle my constantly changing residency and tax status, Kim is by far the most thorough, knowledgeable and helpful. Not only did she catch errors from my past returns and provide me information re future filings, but has gone out of her way to answer questions for me in between tax seasons.”

K.P., Consultant, Argentina

“I began using Overseas Tax Services when I was in the middle of a move between two countries, going to university, using health insurance in two countries, beginning a new job, and a truckload of other little things that added up to me not knowing exactly how to file my taxes properly. What a relief it was to find Kim and to feel that everything was taken care of efficiently, knowledgeably, and thoroughly! As long as I am overseas, I will continue to use Kim’s services!”

B.B., Teacher, Peru

“We have now been through 10 tax seasons together! In a nutshell… tax season is less stressful because of you and OTS! I no longer dread gathering the necessary paperwork, asking and answering questions, or filing my return because you are so professional, efficient, and patient. I also appreciate the time you take to communicate with clients and build a relationship of trust and respect. It means a lot.”

S.A, Teacher, United Arab Emirates

“Thoughtful, prompt, thorough, efficient, and kind, these are the words to describe Kim Genzer and her careful preparation of my taxes. She has been preparing my taxes for several years, through different countries and combinations of tax situations and her work has always been perfect!”

A.M., Artist, Spain

“From camels in the desert to the Great Wall of China and on to the volcanos and beaches of Indonesia, I have always trusted Overseas Tax Services to assist our growing family with our taxes. In the past 10 years we have relied on Overseas Tax Service for their up-to-date knowledge of current tax laws. Kim and her team make the process efficient and easy from worlds away.”

R.S., Teacher, Indonesia

“Kim Genzer has been doing my taxes ever since the inception of her company, and from that time I have had complete trust in her service. She is accurate, thorough, timely and up-to-date. In a word, I find her “exceptional.” I have recommended and will continue to recommend her as a consummate professional.”

S.T., Retired Artist, Poland

“I find OTS services to be excellent, timely, professional, reliable and extremely thorough. In addition, the services are affordable and tailored to me and my situation. I have used OTS now for several years, and I feel like my tax preparer knows me and my situation, so she and I can work together efficiently. This year when an additional piece of information came to me after my tax return had been filed, OTS prepared an amended return and answered my questions within two business days. That is service!”

S.B., Teacher, Austria

“Upon returning to teach in the USA we found ourselves four years behind in filing our US tax returns. Nervous was an understatement! Working with OTS was quite reassuring. Their willingness to use technology resources (email, Skype, and .pdf files) made it very easy for me to provide the supporting documents required in preparing our returns. Also, the price was very reasonable for the great services received. Several teachers I know have friends and/or family members assist them in preparing their returns. We prefer to have the assistance of someone well acquainted with matters important to expatriate teachers such as foreign earned income exemptions, employer-provided housing, tuition assistance, and moving expenses. We have found that Overseas Tax Services exceeds our expectations and are happy to share our positive experience with others!”

B.H. & S.H., Teachers, India

“OTS was very quick to respond to all of my emails. They answered all my questions–this is my first year living overseas and dealing with my US taxes from afar, so I am especially grateful for the fast turnaround. Thank you!”

E.K., Writer, Australia

“Trying to file taxes while simultaneously teaching and living overseas can be cumbersome. Fortunately, Overseas Tax Services and Kim Genzer made this process painless. I applaud Kim’s professionalism when responding to my questions and concerns. Her answers were not muddled with confusing tax jargon, but rather had a clarity and completeness that made it easy to understand. I continue to be impressed by her promptness and how thorough she was through this process. I will continue to use Overseas Tax Services again and again.”

J.H. Teacher, Venezuela

“After finding out that I had to send in tax returns even though I don’t make over $80,000, I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out the foreign earned income tax forms on my own. Once I found out about Overseas Tax Services, I was relieved and my tax headache ended! OTS was always quick to respond to my questions, I found it easy to fill out the documentation needed, and my tax return was finished quickly. It was a great investment for me and I plan to do it again next year. I highly recommend Overseas Tax Services!”

A.G., Teacher, Turkey

“OTS has excellent customer service! Questions are answered promptly with supporting details that leave you feeling educated and well versed on overseas taxes!”

C.H., Teacher, Japan

“Thank goodness I found out about Overseas Tax Services when I did. I was grappling with tax laws that I didn’t completely understand after the transition from USA to Poland residence mid-year. OTS was incredibly thorough, efficient and up-to-date on everything needed to accurately complete both state and federal tax forms. I’m confident I got the highest possible tax returns. I’m not nearly as anxious thinking about taxes this year knowing OTS will be there!”

D.J.B., High School Counselor, Poland

“This is our first time living overseas. A major concern for us was making sure that we were taking care of ourselves financially. Overseas Tax Services was instrumental in making sure we were able to file our taxes appropriately. We greatly appreciate the services we were provided and will gladly recommend Overseas Tax Services to our colleagues.”

D.H., Teacher, Oman

“I was very satisfied with the completion of my tax return and with Kim’s ability to research and resolve complicated questions. She is an excellent communicator and answers all emails in an extremely timely manner.”

S.A., Teacher, Egypt

“In addition to the outstanding personal service received from Overseas Tax Services, I had the assurance that my unique status as an American living abroad was understood and addressed!”

S.O., Consultant, Zambia

“Overseas Tax Services has met all of our needs in terms of properly preparing our taxes in a timely fashion. OTS was fabulous about responding promptly to any questions we had. Being able to send and receive documentation electronically sure made tax preparation easier.”

C.V., Teacher, Hungary

“Kim was very responsive and presented me with many options… I was impressed by her ability to maximize my return. Continue the EXCELLENT work!”

M.M., Teacher, Qatar

“I have no idea if flattery can get us in, but everyone says you’re the greatest thing that’s happened to taxes since automatic payroll deduction, so we are crossing our fingers.”

E.P., Teacher, China

“You remain a godsend and you’re so far in my will that you’re now my daughter.” (Our personal favorite!)

T.R-H., Teacher, Panama